You might be surprised to learn that an estimated 70%+ of equipment sold is probably unnecessary to alleviate your pains.. Here’s why.

“The ‘low hanging fruit’ is often the sweetest”

“Low hanging fruit.”

You’ve heard this before, right? We tend to use this phrase to suggest doing the ‘easiest, simplest, and most efficient solutions’ to our problems.

For example, if your computer suddenly acts up, doesn’t load a page correctly, and/or stops working completely, the ‘low hanging fruit’ solution would be to simply reload the page, maybe reboot the computer, or check for updates that need to be installed. Simple and easy, and gets the results you want.

How this age-old maneuver could take your cycling to new heights..

Hey cycling friends!

I have a serious question here, so be 100% truthful to yourself.

“Can you actually do a single, quality, push-up?”

I know sounds silly, but you’d be surprised that the majority of higher level cyclists can eek out. . . maybe. . 5–10 quality reps… but many would fail even before then.

Admit it. Most riders neglect their upper body in their off-the-bike training (if they have any at all!) — and for good cause: Upper body training is rarely spoken of, and the ‘glory’ of cycling will always be. . . …

Ahh, the Summer Solstice.. . The longest day of the year, and thus the most daylight available in a day, which makes for optimal conditions for long epic adventures, and for me — testing my limits on the bike.

The Solstice also represents a sense of renewal for me, a passage and peak of the days now beginning to gradually shorten, with this day/night light cycle fluctuating back and forth gradualy each year.

This year, the plan was set for me and two other riders: Leave from Portland, OR at midnight, or 12:01am of the Solstice to take full advantage…

We’ve all been there before:

Hour 4 of your long ride…

You’re feeling worn-out, stiff and sore in your neck, shoulders, legs and back, and you come to a stoplight, or maybe a train. Regardless, you’ve got about 5 minutes of waiting . . .

Whats’ the best options for on-the-bike stretches?

We can all admit that the human body was never designed to be hunched over a bike for hours, so the key component of any on-the-bike stretching routine can be designed to ‘reverse’ the positioning.

Here’s my top 4 go-to, on-the-ride stretches to keep you mobile, fresh, balanced, and in it for the long haul..

  1. Quadriceps Stretch:

Hey gang.

Yep, I was riding across a crosswalk — at ‘pedestrian speed’ and with the walk signal ON- in the pouring rain this past Sunday, when a car hit me while trying to turn left. It all happened so fast, and when the car hit my bike, I got tossed onto my side, landing awkwardly on my right shoulder and hip.


A crowd of people came to my rescue, and 3–4 witnesses said he was definitely at fault.

To make a long story short, aside from a little abrasion on my bar tape and saddle, the bike was…

When I first started getting excited about the concept of ‘Bike Fitting by Physio’ back in 2008, the clinic I worked at had a small Blackburn bike trainer available to me to use. It was pretty small, fairly tippy, and designed for lightweight road cyclists to exercise on, and had a noisy magnetic resistance unit on it. And at the time, it seemed to do the job, and I was on my way to learning how to adjust the bike to remedy rider’s aches and pains.

But, I soon realized there were many cyclists who didn't ride lightweigh road bikes…

Pssst.. I have to tell you a secret about cycling..

As much as we all love cycling, and all the benefits that cycling has to offer — The sad truth about cycling is that our bodies were never meant to be hunched over a bike frame, sitting on a small saddle, pedaling, while placing direct pressure through the extended wrists/hands for an extended period of time.

In general, a sensation of tingling and numbness anywhere on our body occurs from compression of nerves. And, although there are a multitude of reasons why and how a nerve can be compressed/stretched throughout…

An automobile’s automatic transmission

In cycling, a good understanding of your gears, and how to use them and shift correctly is essential in maintaining fitness, being efficient with your effort on the bike, as well as minimizing your chances for repetitive-strain injury while riding a bike. Let me explain:

When thinking about shifting gears and gearing, let’s take a step back for a moment and think about the automatic transmission in your car. Almost magically, your car shifts accordingly into it’s easiest gear, i.e. first gear. …

With the arrival of Spring, and riders starting to dream about the warmer months and cycling adventures ahead, many of you are just now getting back into the saddle. And oftentimes, this is accompanied by new aches and pains, a sensation of inefficiency, and just ‘not feeling right’ on the bike. In these cases, a professional Bike Fitting can help you out tremendously.

So, how do you know if you need a Bike Fitting this season?

As a general rule, we recommend getting your Bike Fit checked if:

  1. It’s been over 3–4 months since you’ve been on the bike. Our…

How carving out your ‘Niche’ in the Physiotherapy field can set you free..

Listen, we all know there’s a lot wrong with US healthcare today, and on top of that, the field of ‘Physical Therapy’ has a bit of an identity crisis here in the US.

Now, hear me out on this.

It’s a crowded world out there in Healthcare.. How are YOU going to find your uncrowded ‘blue ocean’?

Sadly, here’s were we’re currently at in 2019:

Health Insurance deductibles and premiums are at an all time high, and yet payment to clinicians continues to decrease year by year.

Kevin Schmidt

Owner/Founder of Pedal PT. Passionate Cyclist, Physical Therapist, Clinical Bike Fitter, Dad, and Entrepreneur, living the #BikeLife in Portland, Oregon.

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