You might be surprised to learn that an estimated 70%+ of equipment sold is probably unnecessary to alleviate your pains.. Here’s why.

“Low hanging fruit.”

You’ve heard this before, right? We tend to use this phrase to suggest doing the ‘easiest, simplest, and most efficient solutions’ to our problems.


How this age-old maneuver could take your cycling to new heights..

Hey cycling friends!

I have a serious question here, so be 100% truthful to yourself.

“Can you actually do a single, quality, push-up?”

I know sounds silly, but you’d be surprised that the majority of higher level cyclists can eek out. . . maybe. . …

We’ve all been there before:

Hour 4 of your long ride…

You’re feeling worn-out, stiff and sore in your neck, shoulders, legs and back, and you come to a stoplight, or maybe a train. Regardless, you’ve got about 5 minutes of waiting . . .

Whats’ the best options for on-the-bike stretches?

We can all admit that the human body was never designed to be hunched over a bike for hours, so the key component of any on-the-bike stretching routine can be designed to ‘reverse’ the positioning.

Here’s my top 4 go-to, on-the-ride stretches to keep you mobile, fresh, balanced, and in…

Kevin Schmidt

Owner/Founder of Pedal PT. Passionate Cyclist, Physical Therapist, Clinical Bike Fitter, Dad, and Entrepreneur, living the #BikeLife in Portland, Oregon.

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